Welcome to my new site!

By Colin Hoad | Feb 10, 2023

I've decided to launch a website to make it easier to find my videos - and to give me a way of sharing general updates and information outside of YouTube, too. Way back in the early days of the web, I set up my own website, registered the domain colinhoad.com (for free, if you can believe it!) and threw together some janky HTML pages with a bit of PHP thrown in for good measure. It was the era before social networks, and the site looked more like an online profile with random thoughts, musings and other nonsense. Not long after I graduated and started working in the early 2000s, I took the site down, but I held onto the domain thinking it might prove useful someday.

Well, that day is now - but a lot has changed since then! Rather than try and work out how to produce a site compliant with modern browsers, smartphones and tablets, I decided to take a shortcut and sign up to Tubespace. In a little under an hour, this website was the result, and I've done the necessary DNS fiddling to get it associated with colinhoad.com - refreshingly simple, I have to admit. The time I've saved learning how to code modern websites means more time for learning 6502 assembler, or at least that's how I've justified it to myself!

Anyway, on this site you can browse through my back catalogue of videos, and every time I post a new one it will automatically get published here, too. The site also gives me a way of sharing a bit more information about the videos (beyond the standard descriptions I put under them in YouTube), plus I can use this blog section for sharing random bits of information, updates and other news.

On the menu bar you'll also find some useful links, including to my GitHub repository where I occasionally upload coding bits and bobs related to videos I've made. There's a link to my Twitter page, and a ko-fi link if you feel like buying me a coffee. Check out the ‘More’ menu for links to some of the best Beeb related online resources.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you aren't already a subscriber, please do consider it - just hit the big ‘Subscribe’ button on the homepage! Subscribing to my channel helps motivate me to make more videos.