Reflections On ABUG South - April 2024

By Colin Hoad | Apr 16, 2024

I attended my first ever ABUG (Acorn BBC User Group) event in person this month and it was awesome! I met some really lovely people and had a lot of fun. Too much fun, possibly, because I failed to record much video footage and have had to make this a bit of a vlog - not my preferred medium, but hopefully you still enjoy it. I did manage one actual interview, however, with a young man called Elliot (aka Cruxinc) who is the youngest Acorn fan I know, and every bit as passionate and knowledgeable as the more 'seasoned' of us Acorn nerds! It was a real treat to catch up with him and find out how he got into Acorn computing in the first place.

Thank you to everyone who came and chatted to me at the event, I've tried to give shout-outs to as many people as I could remember speaking to, but I'm sure I've still managed to miss some out, for which I can only apologise. The whole event was a bit of a blur, it flew by so quickly - and now I can't wait for the next one!

(Sorry about the sound quality for Elliot's interview, I tried boosting the audio but it was recorded in a *very* noisy room!)