My Acorn Electron - Bits and Bytes (Ep. 3)

By Colin Hoad | Jan 23, 2024

In this video I take a mini tour of my new Acorn Electron, recently gifted (to myself) over Christmas, along with the various peripherals and accessories I've added to it, including the Plus 1 interface, an inline power switch, several ROM cartridges and the allimportant ANF03 data recorder!

Special thanks go to Gavin for keeping this Elk in such fine condition before selling it on to me; to Dave Hitchens for the mighty MGC; Ramtop Retro for the Elk SD Plus 1; and Richard Webb (aka ukwebb on Stardot) for refurbishing my gorgeous ANF03.


My Elk, c/o Gavin's eBay shop:

Elk SD Plus 1, c/o Ramtop Retro:

The MGC, c/o Dave Hitchens' eBay shop:

In-line power switch, c/o DataServe Retro's ebay Shop:

Richard Webb (ukwebb) who refurbished my ANF03 data recorder also does 3d printed cases for lots of different boards, you can see some examples here: