Ghostbusters - a new game from Chris Bradburne

By Colin Hoad | May 12, 2024

Well, it's been a 40 year wait for us Beeb fans, but the time has arrived: Ghostbusters is here on the BBC Micro, thanks to the coding legend that is Chris Bradburne! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at this game during the recent ABUG South event, but the game has since officially gone live and these are my first impressions of it having spent a couple of weeks playing it. The verdict? It's awesome! Chris has done a fine job of bringing this game to the Beeb, and it does not disappoint. Join me as I walk through how to play the game, what to watch out for and how to win! It's a joy to play and I'm sure you'll agree, too.


Download and play the game here:

Check out the details on Stardot here: